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Turf King's Triple Crown Seed and Feed

Thicken your lawn to crowd out weeds and crabgrass.

A lawn care treatment that is a 3 in 1 application of high quality grass seed, compost and organic fertilizer.

This one application of an easy to apply product is perfect for repairing damaged or weak spots in the lawn or as part of a regular maintenance program.

The compost will improve soil quality and increase microbial activity in the soil. Seed and feed can be applied any time, but the results are even better if the lawn is core aerated beforehand.

Turf King Triple Crown Seed and Feed from the Lawn Care Experts

Triple Crown Seed and Feed ....

  • is a natural granulated compost with the addition of high quality grass seed and soil amendments
  • increases turf density to help crowd out weeds and crabgrass
  • repairs damage due to insect activity
  • improves the health of the soil and the turf
  • add organic matter to the soil
  • increases seed germination results
  • is odourless
  • helps retain soil moisture to reduce drought stress
  • contains beneficial micro-organisms to break down thatch
  • contains humic acids which aid in nutrient uptake through the roots

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