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In our lawn care library, we talk about aeration and overseeding to repair damaged lawns.

In a blog post, we again give some ideas on what is involved with aerating and overseeding.


But a picture is always worth a thousand words.


Here is one lawn where we remembered to take an before photo.

The before photos were taken in late April.

The lawn was aerated and overseeded on May 22.

The lawn was also fertilized with our Turf King fertilizer on May 24th

The after photos were taken on June 19th- 4 weeks after the seeding. The customer here is pleased and said that he was very careful to water twice a day for the first 2 weeks as we recommended.


 Aerate & overseed to thicken your lawn

Aerate & overseed to thicken your lawn 




While the lawn is far from perfect, the grass is well established. The weeds did jump in to the bare spots, but this is to be expected. When the lawn is thin or bare, weed seed in the soil will now have the opportunity to grow and they will.


As the grass gets better established, we will work on the weeds.

Many of the weeds are not weeds that normally grow in a well cared for lawn. A thick lawn will squeeze out many of these weeds. Some of the weeds are also weeds that will not tolerate regular mowing. They will grow in the bare spots but as the lawn starts getting mowed regularly, they will disappear.




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