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Question- from Colette through Homestars- "Our current lawn care provider tells us that creeping Charlie cannot be treated other than weeding or raking.  Any advice, we could switch to Turf King. "


Hi Colette

Thanks for your interest in Turf King Lawn Care
Creeping charlie - with the current tools available to control weeds is not easily eradicated. It was difficult even when we had the "good stuff" that is now banned in Ontario.
Creeping Charlie- a lawn care problem and pest
Creeping charlie is a member of the mint family that spreads by seeds,  by rhizomes (creeping roots-growing in the soil ) and by roots that form along the stems that creep above ground.
Because of its ability to spread easily it can become persistent in lawns. It is generally more of a problem in damp shady areas. Sometimes by improving drainage and reducing shade, the lawn is better able to compete against the creeping charlie.
The most common weed treatment on the market right now is Fiesta- an iron based herbicide. Creeping charlie does not react very well to iron. If iron is applied in very strong doses, the creeping charlie sometimes will turn black. This indicates that the tops have been killed. However, because of its extensive root system, it will likely grow back again.
The other problem with applying a heavy dose of iron is that this increases the potential for the lawn to be adversely affected and to end up being burnt. If the lawn grass is composed of bentgrasses, the burn potential is even greater. And the other issue is that Bentgrasses are often more likely to be growing in lawns or areas in the lawn that are damp.
So - as I said - no easy solutions. 
A small patch- dig it out and resod.
Larger areas, consider treatment- but also look at lawn conditions to perhaps improve conditions that favour creeping charlie. But be aware of the risk of burning.
Be patient- new products are being worked on- but not on the market yet.
We are hoping to test another potential product this year as well- but no certainty on how well it will work on Creeping charlie
Hope this is helpful
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